Compatible with all devices on iOS 8 and 9

RedesignedNotifications allows you to customize your iOS devices notifications. There is also bonus features which allow you to enable iOS 10 styled notifications as well as an iOS 10 styled Notification Center.

• Color Customization - Add color to your notifications cell and labels. Choose to have the cell and label colors based on the notification icon color or choose to use a custom color for your notification cell, primary label, and secondary label.

• Transparency - You can set the alpha of your notification cell with a slider.

• Round Corners - You can change the corner radius of the cell. From rectangle to fully rounded its up to you!

• Full Width Cells - By default this tweak the reduces the width of the cell so that it does not touch the edges of the screen allowing for a bubble effect, with this feature it allows you to stretch the cells to full screen width.

• Left Align - By default this tweak centers the icon and labels horizontally with this feature it allows you to align them to the left instead.

• Privacy Mode - This feature allows you to hide the secondary (message) label for privacy and centers everything vertically.

• Round Icons - You can choose to have circle icons instead of default square icons.

• Hide Icons - Hide the notification icons.

• Shimmer Label - Enable a shimmer effect for the primary label.

• Light Font - Enable to use the Helvetica-Light Font for a cleaner look.

• Set max number of message lines. 1 - 4 or Infinity meaning the whole message will be displayed instead of just a few lines.

• Enable/Disable time stamps. If enabled they will appear to the right of the primary label.

• iOS 10 styled Notifications.

• iOS 10 styled Notification Center.

• All notifications are affected from the Lockscreen to the Notification Center.

*May conflict with other notification tweaks*

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- Added option to enable cell and label colors based on icon color.
- Added option to choose max number of message lines. 1 - 4 or infinity allowing you to display the whole message. (this also allows the cell height to be bigger).
- Fixed custom colors from not saving in preferences.
- Added iOS 10 styled notifications. (if notification icon is now showing in the notification center turn off "Group By App" in Notifications settings in
- Added iOS 10 styled notification center.
- Fixed a few small label bugs.
- Changed preferences.
- Enjoy! :)
Updated October 1, 2016
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