requires iOS9 and above

import the real SpringBoard 3DTouch function from the new devices to old devices


- short hold on the icon to popup the menu
- drag to select menu item without tapping twice on the screen
- swipe-up to edit icons
-- also alternative:
** u can hold on the top of the icon while the menu visible to enter the edit mode
- haptic should work also

that's all
good luck with your new 6s/6s plus phone :P

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

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- added back peek&pop
- added longpress duration slider
- added peek&pop sensitivity slider
- added pull from the left screen edge to right to enable switcher ( works from everywhere )
- added also improvements to fix small issues

- added settings
- added support for third part apps, Twitter, WhatsApp and many others ( just open the each app one time to activate the menu )
- add support for most native app ( photos - maps - music ) again on each app one time after installing the to enable the menus
- improved peek and pop support ( pop may works for some of you - if not u will ned second finger press to pop )
- improved haptic vibration with settings
- added new option to WhatsApp menu ( Last Chats ) to open the latest conversation in WhatsApp - it maybe won't well for some of you due to the conversations u have

Note: for beta test if u need more features add my repo ( which can be found in my twitter bio ),
so i upload on in BigBoss the fully stable versions.

License Free Package
Updated November 3, 2015
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