Rupi is the brother of aupi. When you using your iPhone you want a beautiful and comfortable OS, iOS is a great OS but is not perfect. So I made Rupi to bring a special and elegant design for iOS. Rupi make new sense for iOS so lets discover.

iPhone with Rupi is true beauty for iOS.

Rupi include: • Over 250 Icons • All new UI for iOS • All new wallpapers • Settings icons • Boot screen • Sounds for keyboard and lock • Dock • 3rd tweaks themes • Alternative icons • New UI icons for Safari, Music, Photos and more.

And much much more...

Support WinterBoard and Anemone.

Notes: 1. Users please dont download Rupi from pirate repo I worked days and nights (1 year) to made Rupi only for you to refresh your iOS and give you a beautiful theme in minimum price so please admire the investment and dont download from pirate repos. Remember Rupi is for you I just want to share Rupi for everyone. So download from official repo and get more presents, Im promise :) 2. For icons requests or support please send me a mail. 3. If you purchased aupii (double I) Rupi is 1.99$ 4. For news and updates follow me on Twitter (AVIROK1) 5. You like Rupi? Check the brother aupi. 6. Thanks and enjoy with Rupi :)

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Support iOS 11
Support iPhone X
Added and refreshed icons
Added more alternative icons

If you have issues please send me a mail or send me message on twitter
Updated May 9, 2018
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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