Compatible with iOS 5, 6 and 7

A near-complete rewrite of Safari Download Enabler v2.0, featuring a live downloads list, HTML5 video support, file:/// support, and more.

* To download HTML5 videos, shake your device while playing them.
* To download links or images, tap and hold.
* A user-agent faker may be necessary to download files from some websites.

Viewing downloads:
* Tap and hold on the bookmarks icon to open the downloads list. If there are no active downloads, the file browser will open instead.
* Swipe the title bar to switch between viewing the downloads list and file browser.
* Tap on a file in the downloads list to choose from "Select" (opens it in Safari--if a file cannot be displayed, it will be copied back to the downloads list), "Save", and "Open in...".
* When saving a file, tap and hold the Save button to save with a different name.
* Swipe across a file to delete it.

Browsing the local filesystem:
* To view a file or list the contents of a directory, type its path in the address bar. Alternatively, locate it in the file browser, tap and hold, and select Open In... > Safari.
* Local files and directories can be bookmarked or added to the home screen, just like other URLs.

If you would like to help translate this tweak, please email me.

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- Determine MIME type from local file extension (PKPASS support)
- Detect new localized strings (restore "Download Linked File" on non-English platforms)
Updated July 19, 2014
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