Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11

Various enhancements to Safari

This tweak does nothing by default, check Preferences to enable each feature individually.


- Force HTTPS with configurable exception sites

- Have both "Open in New Tab" and "Open in Background" options available

- New Option to open long pressed link in opposite surfing mode

- Upload any file from your phone through a file picker

- Enhanced Downloads: Download files to a local directory and more!

- Switch desktop mode globally through a switch

- Long press on suggestions to insert them into the URL bar

- Change to preferred surfing mode on start / resume / opening of external link

- Close all tabs from preferred surfing mode(s) on exit / minimization of Safari

- Clear browser data on exit / minimization of Safari

- Configurable swipe gestures on URL bar

- Fullscreen scrolling

- Lock top and bottom bar in place (when scrolling)

- Disable private surfing

- Change (almost) any color of the Safari interface

- Always open clicked links in new Tab

- Suppress a dialog that appears when accessing a "mailto" URL through a WebClip on iOS 10

Open source on Github


Improvements / Fixes:

- General:
* The tab bar tweak detection should no longer falsely trigger when no tab bar enabling tweak is installed, sorry for that

Improvements / Fixes:

- General:
* Improved FullSafari support to also work with other tweaks like SafariPad and any other tweak that enables the tab bar in the future

- Color Settings:
* Fixed an issue where the tab bar title color would conflict with the top bar background color

- Enhanced Downloads:
* Made status bar notifiations less hardcoded
Updated June 2, 2018
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