Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11

Various enhancements to Safari

This tweak does nothing by default, check Preferences to enable each feature individually.


- Force HTTPS with configurable exception sites

- Have both "Open in New Tab" and "Open in Background" options available

- New Option to open long pressed link in opposite surfing mode

- Upload any file from your phone through a file picker

- Enhanced Downloads: Download files to a local directory and more!

- Switch desktop mode globally through a switch

- Long press on suggestions to insert them into the URL bar

- Change to preferred surfing mode on start / resume / opening of external link

- Close all tabs from preferred surfing mode(s) on exit / minimization of Safari

- Clear browser data on exit / minimization of Safari

- Configurable swipe gestures on URL bar

- Fullscreen scrolling

- Lock top and bottom bar in place (when scrolling)

- Disable private surfing

- Change (almost) any color of the Safari interface

- Always open clicked links in new Tab

- Suppress a dialog that appears when accessing a "mailto" URL through a WebClip on iOS 10

Open source on Github


IMPORTANT: Due to some changes in the download cache format, your pending downloads will be gone after installing this update. If you have any important downloads left, make sure to finish them before updating. (This will hopefully be the last time that this is needed).

- General:
* Cleaned up version / device detection code
* Added Turkish localizations thanks to Sinan Taşpınar (@Snntspnr)

- Open in opposite browsing mode:
* Fixed an edge case where a blank tab would be created

- Enhanced Downloads:
* Heavily improved the SpringBoard communication code that handles file access
* Most of the code from the file browser has been rewritten, a lot of UI related issues have been fixed by that
* Split the download menu up into two sections, one is the file browser, the other one is an overview over all currently running downloads including a history of all previous downloads (whereas the file browser only shows the downloads inside the current directory)
* Fixed a bug where using the "Show in Filza" option would not work on files that have a space in their name
* Improved the status bar notifications to properly display on iPads
* Added options to create and modify directories (through long pressing on them) to the file browser
* Added an option to save a video / picture to the media library
* The file browser will now resolve UUIDs to App Display Names when inside a related directory
* Improved simultaneous downloads
* Improved push notifications when a download finishes while Safari is in the background
* Improved download persistence through app restarts

Updated August 20, 2018
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