Compatible with iOS 4.2+, 5, 6 and 7

Enable native file uploads in MobileSafari! Ever wanted to upload a file on a webpage, maybe on some webmail page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad? It doesn't work because Apple disallowed file uploads from inside Safari.

Safari Upload Enabler brings you this missing capability. It comes with a file and photo/video picker allowing you to upload files like on your desktop computer.

No icon will be added to your homescreen, Safari Upload Enabler directly hooks into MobileSafari. Options can be configured from the Settings app.

We can't release Safari Upload Enabler for these iOS versions yet. Due to some internal memory allocation issues in the WebCore/JavaScriptCore framework Safari Upload Enabler is crashing without any obvious reason when trying to upload files. Unfortunately we cannot promise that this issue will ever be fixed.

Please note that you might have to switch to the desktop or non-mobile version of a website to be able to see a file upload field (e.g. on

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- Fixed a bug in photo picker that could lead to a crash
Updated August 4, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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