Requires iOS 3.x. Does not work with iOS 4+.
If you have iOS 4+ please see SBRotator4

Added support for iOS4 - Some options do not work on iOS4 (startup rotation mode, scrolling left-right on semi-mode, rotating settings)

SpringBoard Rotator is here!!!
At last, the so-wanted addon for iPhone's SpringBoard.

Make your iPhone behave like an iPad!

This application rotates your SpringBoard in every of the possible 4 orientations automatically, when you rotate your device!

It does not rotate only the icons, but all your user interface!

Check the screenshots and thank you for your support!

Compatible with most of icon-management applications.

    Compatible on 3.x with:
  • Iconoclasm
  • Stack (stack3a, as of 1.5-6)
  • FCSB
  • Five Icon Dock
  • FiveIRows (in 1.2)
  • iBlank (in 1.2)
  • libhide (in 1.2)
  • CategoriesSB (in 1.2)
  • ProSwitcher (in 1.2)
  • Infinidock
  • Infiniboard
  • Overboard
  • Shrink
  • PogoPlank (1.5)
  • Circuitous (thanks TheZimm)
  • biteSMS (1.5)
  • iRealSMS (1.5)
  • iProtect (1.5)
  • LockDown (1.5)
  • LockInfo
  • Simple Background
  • Panorama
  • Music Controls

Note: If you find any bugs, contact the author, I except some rare cases of problems,I would love to hear your comments and I will update the app immediately.

Known bugs in 1.8:
-Moving icons around in Non-semi rotation mode has an inverted feeling. Prefer moving them in portrait.
-In-app rotation keyboard popups fail to load correctly at the moment.
Call keyboard popups only in portrait for now when inside Settings . (When entering passcode, passwords etc)

See More Info below for Screenshots

More Information

    v 2.1.5-1
  • (maintenance) fixed firmware requirements
    v 2.1.5
  • Fixed OverBoard crash
  • Prepared SBRotator to work along with LSRotator
    v 2.1.4
  • Improved fix icons switch functionality
  • Fixed small dock image on iOS4
Updated June 16, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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