Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

Bring iOS 11 style screenshotting to iOS 9 and 10.

You can easily share the screenshot by long pressing on the mini image, or start marking on it through the editor by tapping the mini image. If you just want to save the screenshot, you can just ignore the mini image and it'll be automatically dismissed after x seconds, or you can swipe it away.

Disclaimer: ScreenshotXI does not have image stacking or cropping (in editor).

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- Fixed iPad pro bug where sketches/marks would move to bottom right corner on saving/sharing the image

- Separated right swipe action from left swipe action so now you can save image on left swipe and dismiss (without saving) on right swipe and vice versa (New option to save on right swipe)
- Fixed right dismiss animation (animating to the left) when invoked by long press being started but share sheet isn't displayed
Updated February 12, 2018
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