Compatible with iOS 8 and up.

Boost a weak signal with one touch!
Your iPhone's signal can get gradually weaker as it sits idle and moves through buildings.
This app resets your signal so that your iPhone will devote its resources to a new and stronger signal. It aims to give you the strongest possible voice/data signal at your current location.

All with one touch! It will get you a new signal and close itself. Just launch it and you're done.
Go for the best possible call quality and faster download times! Tell your iPhone to get back on the 3G/4G network! It refreshes your wi-fi connection as well!
Save time re-starting your iPhone or fiddling with utilities. Boost a weak signal with one touch!
Top 5 on Blackberry and a great value!

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iOS 8.4 support
iPhone 6/6+ screen size support
Updated November 11, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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