Requires iOS 7

This basic tweak adds functionality to the default clock apps sleep function. By default, the sleep function only stops the built-in music player. This tweak makes the sleep function stop all audio on your device. This is useful if you like falling asleep listening to Spotify, Pandora, or any other app that will not get paused by the default clock app's sleep function.

Slumber can also do the following when the timer ends:
-Disable Wifi
-Disable Bluetooth
-Disable Cellular
-Enable "Do Not Disturb"
-Power Down

Configure from Settings > Slumber


-Complete redesign for stability improvements and bug fixes
-Change settings when the timer ends(disable Wifi, disable Bluetooth, etc.)
-Contact Us and Donate buttons on options page

-Fixed a critical bug where normal timers are always muted.
-Fixed a minor bug where the sleep function may behave in unexpected ways when opened for the first time.

Updated April 4, 2014
License Free Package
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