Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Compatible with R.Petrich’s Activator.

SmartVolumeControl, allows you to customise the native Volume HUD Window and choose between a Smart Minmal View which shows your device’s volume as a percent, an elegant Smart Volume Bar, a Smart Volume Slider and a “Nougat-Like Slider” with mimics Android’s native HUD Style.

Smart Minimal View: This is really nice and tiny, you will never find it hiding contents/videos etc and it’s really there to make your life easy. There are 4 position you can choose from: left corner, middle up (at status bar), middle under the status bar, or in the center of the screen. You can also change the background color, the color of the font and the style of the font its using. If you present this view using the native Activation Method, or the extra Activation methods (for R.Petrich’s Activator) a smart window will appear(or not if you choose so in settings) which will allow you to adjust the volume while swiping on it.

Smart Bar: The Smart Bar is really elegant, smart and touchable (!). By pressing volume UP/Down you can grab it and set the desired volume using your finger. Thats nice, easy and smooth. It’s size changes depending on which state your phone is (home screen, notification center, inside apps, portrait/landscape etc). You can set 4 different positions for the Smart Bar which are: at status bar, under status bar, vertical right and vertical left. You may also choose a color to give your bar a more unique look and just like the Smart Minimal View to present it with an Activation Method (no buttons pressed!).

Smart Slider: The Smart Slider gives a more native look and behaves just like the Smart Bar. The are also 3 position to choose from: Horizontal, Vertical Left, and Vertical Right. You may change the background color, add blur to the background.

Nougat-Like Slider: Nougat-Like Slider is a try to mimic Android’s Nougat HUD. It it also smart and touchable hiding Volume Mixer inside it!

StatusBar Volume View: StatusBar Volume View will replace "Service Provider" text or "Time" or "Battery Percentage" text in status bar with a Volume percentage while presenting the volume. It will roll back to normal after the Chosen HUD auto dismiss time.

Youtube-Like Slider: Youtube-Like Slider is an effort mimicking the Youtube's full screen volume HUD.

SmartVolumeControl will and should also replace the volume bar of Instagram and YouTube with it’s smart and touchable options.

Extra features: You can choose between custom Volume Steps. Smart Minimal View, Smart Bar and Smart Slider adjust their values depending on the step you choose. You may choose between 16 steps, which is also apple’s default, 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 100(!) volume steps! You may also choose the HUD auto dismiss delay (time it take for the HUD to disappear).

Any feedback and/or suggestion is highly appreciated.

Configure options from Settings.

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Version 4.0.5:

This version should be a permanent fix for status bar auto hide/unhide issues.

Version 4.0.4:

1) Fixed iOS8.0 - iOS9.3.3 compatibility issues with the HUD representation at lock-screen. Now when "LockScreen Volume Control" in on, HUD will present and volume will adjust from your lockscreen.

2) Fixed iOS8 compatibility issues with Smart Slider and Youtube-Like Slider.

Version 4.0.3:

1) Added new Option "LockScreen Volume Control" in tweak's Settings Panel. If enabled, you can now both present volume HUD and adjust Volume (by pressing Volume Up/Down buttons or by touching Smart Volume Views with your finger) from your lock screen!

2) Fixed (more) status bar auto-hide related issues.

3) Fixed iOS 9.3.3 compatibility with "StatusBar Volume View" mode.

4) Fixed a situation that would sometimes cause "StatusBar Volume View" to keep presenting the %Volume in Status Bar even though the View Mode/Style had changed.

Updated March 26, 2017
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