Compatible with iPhones on iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. And iPhone X. iPads are tested on iOS 8.4 and 9.3.3.

Snapper is a tweak that lets you crop a portion of the screen and keep it floating on the screen.

This is useful for (example):

- Never switching between two apps multiple times to enter a password ever again
- Comparing stuff on the screen!
- Instantly censoring an image that you want to share
- Keep a reference to something while searching in e.g. Safari
- Great for when you have a hard to spell word snapped that you need to enter somewhere
- Take a screenshot of a small part of the screen only
- Zoom unzoomable images
- Can't copy text in some app? Just snap it and save to camera roll for later
.. and more!


- Control the area to crop before snapping!
- Or don't - snapper has multiple modes
- Costumizable
- Use it with Activator, or without!
- Never lose a snap, the history panel (access via Activator OR the Settings app)
- Snaps organised by application snapped within
- Multiple snaps on the screen at the same time
- Facebook-heads-like interface to close snaps
- Save to camera roll instantly
- Sharing built-in
- Automatically copy snap to clipboard (optional)
- No DRM!
- Awesome animations!
.. and more!


This is what people have said about Snapper.

> "It IS amazing :) you should get it, is a must have" - feldrok_ via reddit

> "I don't think I can stop jailbreaking until this tweak gets added into iOS by Apple. Love it so much!" - gonnabuysomewindows via reddit

> "I had no idea how much I used this tweak, until I upgraded to iOS 9. Thanks for updating this, Mr Lang!" - Fishy62 via reddit

Configure options from Settings.

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- Fixes black image bug on iOS 12.
- Improved memory management (theoretically crashes should be gone, but please report if they persist)
- Fix margins in tutorial messages for XS, XS Max and XR
- Fix bug where cells in History would randomly have a red background
- Fix bug where snaps in History would have random order
- Fix bug where 'Open Last Snap' would sometimes open a random snap
- Fix app/all sorting options in History would not appear
- Change 'Unknown App' to 'Springboard' in History

Huge thanks to these guys who helped during fixing the iOS 12 issues!
- /u/wirelessnet2
- @oluwasherlock
- @_austinstarnes
- Ronald Baldwin
(I hope I didn't miss anyone..)
Updated March 17, 2019
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