You know apps like SwipeControls? Forget them. With SnowCover you can control your music directly on your lockscreen. Use simple gestures like swiping or doubletap to control volume and playback. SnowCover is as full featured as SwipeControls. See screenshots for the huge amount of settings that you can use to make it perfect for you. It also displays your current album cover in a very nice and themeable way on your lockscreen. And as an added feature, you can even set the time it takes for your lockscreen to dim, so that you have enough time to see your cover and control your music.

How to use:
Activate "SC Pro Diamond Case" in WinterBoard and respring.
After that start playing a song that contains an artwork. Now lock your device and SnowCover Pro is ready to recognize your gestures right on the lockscreen.

New in v1.2:
-Fixxed red "Cracked" alert that was showing for some legal users.

See More Info below for screenshots.

More Information

Updated February 18, 2010
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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