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Compatible with iOS 8.4, 9 and 10

Works with iPhones, iPads and iPods in portrait and landscape mode.

Sonus is a beautiful looking replacement for the annoying stock volume hud. It is completely customizable to your needs. You can use it as a unobtrusive volume hud in your status bar or like a Android like volume slider with overlay.

Sonus has a lot of options to configure. You can adjust the color and size of your slider and your overlay, add a gradient to it, or use it's blur background style, change the position and paddings, animation durations and styles, automatically hide the statusbar when the hud is shown, enable tap to dismiss and interaction with the slider, futher you can you can enable indicator icons that show you which volume is being adjusted - and change the color of these icons too.

It does not interfere with any custom volume huds such as YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat.

Configure options from Settings.

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Compatible with iOS 8.4

- Fixed some translations in Russian
- Optimized the way the hud is shown and hidden
- Changed saving of themes to fix issues for some users

- The theme update (Save, rename, share and remove custom themes)
- Loading and/or resetting does not require a respring anymore
- Changed some cells in preferences for themes
- Localized preferences buttons, alerts etc in English and German
- Fixed some translation issues
- Fixed theme saving issue
- Fixed a bug with tap to dismiss crashing the device
Updated March 14, 2017
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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