Compatible with ios 5 and 6

Add The TextToSpeech functionality ,built into your Keyboard
hear letters,words,or sentences as you type them.

Three different speech modes:
-Spelling Mode:
Mainly for for educational purposes

-Chat Mode:
Great for Social apps like SMS,Facebook,WhatsApp,etc,
as you can hear what you typing in real time.
It adds another layer of functionality to your typing experience.

-Conversation Mode:
Similar to Chat Mode only for longer speech needs with this mode,you can simulates almost real talking experience.

Speech is determined by the keyboard automatically,if you you type in the English, France, Arabic, Chinese, etc keyboard, Speaking keyboard will automatically speak in the appropriate Language saving you from configuring anything,just open your Your keyboard and start speaking..

Speaking keyboard is the best tool for educational purposes and learning new Languages:
Ever wanted to learn English, French, Spanish, Arabic, or maybe Chinese then speaking keyboard is the best teacher for you:
Start in 'Spelling Mode' hear letter by letter combined to words continue to 'Chat Mode' and from their to the 'Conversation Mode'
And in no time you will acquired a new language to your knowledge

You can turn on/off and select a 'speech mode' any time from the keyboard by long press on the '!' sign on your keyboard or by selecting 'speech mode' from the settings panel in your settings app.

configure options from settings


- Activation method for showing speaking keyboards' "Settings Alert" changed to long pressing the '!' key (for compatibility with the tweak,'keyboard control pro').

- Turning on/off the speech from the keyboard now works properly for all applications.
- Fix for the '!' sign insert when selecting speech mode from the keyboard.
- Better Organization for Speaking Keyboard Settings.
- New icon.

Updated June 29, 2013
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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