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Compatible with iOS 7 to 14

Speak Notification is the ultimate notification and more speak experience.
With Speak Notification your device will allow to announce any incoming notification in a fully customized way. You can listen to any received messages, e-mails, facebook posts, game center invitations or even speak out your incoming calls without touching your device.

You can customize the announce message anyway you want. Create your own message with variables which will be replaced in real-time with the notification title, subtitle, message or app name which caused the notification.

Choose from many speak conditions including:
- Only when charging
- Only when music not playing
- Word
- Bluetooth only
- WiFi only
- Earphones only
- At specific time
- At specific days
- Per app specific

Besides that you can use Extra features like current time speak at a chosen time interval or battery level speak at a chosen battery level interval. You can announce incoming or missed calls and even speak out the last call duration. Additionally it is possible to speak out the currently playing song and TouchID authentication events. Those extra features are also based on the conditions that you choose so it will only speak when you want it!

You can also configure the speak behavior, like disabling the notification sound when speak out is enabled or the possibility to stop the speaking with a configurable button. You can also force to speak out even when the device is muted or in do not disturb mode.
If you are listening to music then the music will automatically pause when the announce starts and resumes after the announce ends.

Works on all iOS devices with iOS 7.0+. Does NOT require Siri. Banners needs to be enabled for the applications.
Configure options from Settings app

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- Added iOS14 support
Updated March 19, 2021
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