Requires iOS 5+ and iPad

Speero is the best system management for your iPad!
Yes, finally you'll be able to use a fully compatible system management for your iPad. You can simply call it via an Activator action and the use it.

It has got a lot of features, like: select your Activator listeners (Activator's apps you downloaded) and then they will be added to a Speero's view, so you can use them directly from Speero!

Then you have a toggles view, with a lot of system toggles, like Wifi - Bluetooth - Location - AirPlane - Brightness - 3G - Volume - Orientation - Power off - Respring - Reboot - Tweet - Kill background apps - Lyrics - Camera - Search on internet - New mail - New SMS - Music player and launch apps!

You also have a great way to see your iPad's info anytime you call Speero. You'll have infos like: Free RAM - iOS version - IP address - "Touch to copy your UDID" feature and much more.

To have a fully control of your device, you also have a multitasking into Speero, so you can manage your apps, directly from it!

There are also some features that you can find in like blur background, two tap to dismiss, and much more, to use Speero in the way you want it.

Configure options in Settings app

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Updated July 6, 2012
License Commercial Package
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