iOS 8.2 Update Warning

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Compatible with iOS 7 and 8.

Spin is an original concept by Evan Luther.

Bring some style to your lockscreen with this amazing music tweak. Spin aims to be a complete replacement for the standards, bringing simplicity and beauty like never before. To get started, just play some music and lock your device!

Tap center artwork to play/pause.
Hold and release center artwork to open Now Playing app.

Configure options from Settings app.

• Custom font sizes for every label
• Custom colors for every label
• Dynamic label colors based on artwork colors (beta)
• Artist label is now italicised again
• Fixed an issue where lock screen would delay after each lock (in order to combat this issue, you will need to respring after changing some settings. I will find a better way to fix the issue in a later version)
• Optimized lots of code and got rid of some old things, which should give overall improvements to performance
• Reduced package size by about 50% (shrunk some images)
• Support for Spectral (I recommend using Spin with Spectral, it looks amazing!)
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