Compatible with iOS 10, 11 and 12.

Spotlightless11 Disables the Down and Right Gestures for invoking the Spotlight and Gives also the Chance to Hide it Everywhere!

Configure options from Settings.

See Screenshots below.

Feel free to contact me via Mail or via Twitter @CydiaGeek, enjoy it, thanks! :)

Donations would be greatly appreciated!


Version 1.0.8
- Fixed the Disable Right Gesture option Bug about Open Apps Animation on iOS 12.
- Added the Compatibility with Floating Dock Feature.

Version 1.0.7
- Compatible with iOS 12 (Thanks my Friend Olivier Crespo for pointing me the proper direction about fixing the Disable Right Gesture Bug on iOS 12).

Version 1.0.6
- Added the option to Always Show More for the Spotlight (as Requested on Twitter).

Updated March 17, 2019
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