Infinite scrolling on the home screen.

A remake of Infiniboard by chpwn for iOS 11 and 12.
Supports all devices iOS 11-12.1.2, including A12 devices and iPads.
Contains all of the features of the original Infiniboard plus additional options.

If your device is not A12 you can optionally install IconSupport from BigBoss, which saves your icon layout if you uninstall/reinstall Springfinity. Otherwise, Springfinity functions identically without IconSupport.

Known Issues:
For a short time (a couple seconds) after dropping icons, they're temporarily able to visually pass over the dock. This is due to how Apple has implemented drag-and-drop behavior, and while I'm looking into it I'm not sure it's practical to fix.

Twitter : @NathanWDev
Email :
Reddit : u/ibeforeyou

Contributions are welcomed, and can go to
my PayPal account

Credits to chpwn/Xuzz Productions for Infiniboard, which this tweak was built off of.

Configure options from Settings.


Fixed icon clipping on iPhone X/S/Max caused by latest update (I apologize for the mistake)
Improved compatibility with floating docks (including Floating Dock Plus & iPads)
Improve how the paging option is handled (behind the scenes)
Updated May 19, 2019
License Free Package
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