Does not work on iOS7.

For iOS7, use the built in flipswitch flashlight inside activator. Does the exact same thing. Here's how:
-Open activator
-Select anywhere
-Select your action
-Scroll to switches and select flashlight.

Compatible with iOS 4, 5, and 6

Activator based iPhone 4 LED flashlight. Default activation method is to double tap the power button. But you can assign any activator event to enable the LED torch for a bright LED flash light. To change the activation method, after installing and respringing, go to settings app, activator, and assign the flashlight to an action of your choice. Note: if you choose a different action such as power button hold or vol button up / down, make sure the device's screen is on when you enable the light or you may have to reboot to get the light to come on again.


1.4 update works better on iOS5 & iOS6. No longer flashes before activating and seems more stable.
Updated January 2, 2014
License Free Package
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