Compatible with iOS 11

1. A Control Center toggle for turning SSH on/off.
2. A Settings menu for changing the port that OpenSSH listens on.
Add the toggle to ControlCenter from Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls.

If OpenSSH is turned off with this, either the toggle or from the Settings menu, then it stays off even after rebooting/re-jailbreaking (Electra).
When turning sshd off, active sessions get disconnected. This functionality can be turned off in Settings.

For the ones loving the shell, it also includes the command SSHswitch which has the same functionalities, `SSHswitch -h` describes its options. No need to log in as root for it to work.

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* Added option to OpenSSH Settings to disallow root logins.
* Fixed icon and module label in CC Settings.
Updated July 23, 2018
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