Take snapchat streaks seriously? Make sure you know how much time you have left to respond with notifications! On your feed there will be a label that tells you how much time is remaining to keep the streak going.

Configure options from setting.

See larger Screenshots below..

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Small bug fixes
Note: BulletinBoard coming soon

Fix conflict with SCReplyButton in Stories and Feed
Fix bug in GetTimeRemaining if chat convo gets deleted (use lastSnap member from SCChat class if SOJUFriendmoji class exists)
Reset notifications in background thread
Many more bug fixes
Updated screenshots for the new Snapchat interface

Fixed FriendmojiList load fail because systemcall to access file in root directory from userspace fails
Move streaknotifyd dictionary from /var/root/Documents to /var/mobile/Documents
Increase width of UILabel inside UITableViewCell to adjust for long strings (for exact time remaining)
Align UILabel's to the right so that they are fixed underneath the friendmojiview

Use SOJUFriendmojis class found in friendmojis property in Friends to figure out exact time when streak ends Note: this particular method is the EXACT time when the streak will end. The previous versions use a +24 hour period from the earliest unreplied snap to notify

Add show exact time when streak ends option in settings

Add General section in preferences bundle

Add Close Snapchat to Preferences Bundle, so that one doesn't necessarily have to respring to see changes in their prefs
Add code to handle friendmojilist save plist when Preferences application moves to background

Fix exit on FriendmojiList (wasn't a crash)
Added UIAlertController to diagnose bug

Integration with SCSelectRecipientsView
Added hook to handle SelectContactCell and it's subNameLabel property
Support for Snapchat 9.45.x primarily (not tested on other versions)

Fix crash on Manager fetch updates on Snapchat 9.45.x
Fix disappear of timers on Snapchat 9.45.x
Updated January 17, 2017
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