Compatible with iOS 5 and 6
Not compatible with iPad
Try Stride 2 for iOS 7

Unlocking your iOS Device just got a whole lot cooler.

Never again do you need to worry about entering some lengthy password, or are limited to 9 points on a grid. With Stride, you unlock with gestures, and custom made gestures at that!

Simply draw your password. That's it.

*Even though Stride is pretty secure on it's own, for best effect you should set a PIN/Passcode as it makes things extra secure, and a lot nicer too!*

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- Added option to change clock text
- Fixed issue with being unable to lock phone in rare cases
- Accuracy is far better
- Added a test screen to tweak the strictness

- Much more accurate pattern recognition
- Fixed a couple more iOS 6 Bugs
- Sensitivity and testing passcode
- Multiple shapes supported
- iCaughtU Pro Supported
- CleverPIN Support
- Faster!
- iPhone 5 Support
- iOS 6 Support

Updated April 28, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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