Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

SurpriseSelfie is a tweak for the iOS Photos app which aims to prevent others looking at photos they aren't supposed to see.

After selecting a particular photo or range of photos to "lock", you can choose from a number of options that will occur if a person attempts to swipe beyond these:
1. Display a selfie of the person as the next/previous photo. Each subsequent swipe will take another photo. (These are temporary photos).
2. Show a custom image from your photo library
3. Prevent swiping completely (or loop if multiple photos selected)

- Select one or multiple photos to lock
- TouchID or password protection
- Video support (in single item lock)
- Activator gestures to enable/disable
- Show/hide lock button
- Prevent the Photos app from being closed in the app switcher when locked
- iPad support

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- Fix home button bug on iOS 9

- Added option to prevent leaving Photos app including disabling notification and control centres (does not work for activator invoked home button yet)
- Fix app permission crash on 10.1.1
- Fix app closure prevention not working on some devices

- Fix SwipeHome incompatibility
- Add dependency on Activator to fix missing lock buttons

Updated August 1, 2017
License Commercial Package
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