SwirlyMMSv2 DOES NOT work for iPhone4S (but does not cause it to crash now)

SwirlyMMS2 & SwirlyNet

Send and Receive MMSs with your iPhone.

SwirlyMMS2 is a major upgrade from SwirlyMMSv1. The upgrade price is $6 while the price for new customers is $12.

Also, if you have upgraded from SwirlyMMS v 2.x to 2.4 then dont forget to re-activate your SwirlyNet

The SwirlyMMS2 software is sold and licensed 'as is'. All warranties, either expressed or implied are disclaimed as to the software and its quality, performance or fitness for any particular purpose.

See More Info below for screenshots

More Information

- corrects in issue with picking images on iOS ver < 5.0

- Support for iOS5
- Multiple image selection
- Does NOT work for iPhone4S (but it doesn't kill it anymore)

Updated February 6, 2012
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Suggested Price $ 12.00
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