- Now works on iOS4

!! The Cydget framework is not yet fully compatible with iOS4 and therefore it is not possible to edit the Lock Cydget Order in the normal way on iOS4. After installing SwirlyScreen 2.1 you can decide which lock screen shall be on top by switching to it (with the home button). When you have the desired lock screen visible, just slide-to-unlock your iPhone and it will be on top further on !!

As soon as the Cydget framework is made fully compatible with iOS4 everything will be back to normal regarding this :)

SwirlyScreen 2.0 is a multi-feature lock-screen Cydget for your iPhone giving you a load of features such as:

- see video here: SwirlyScreen Video
- collects and shows all alert messages, such as missed calls, SMS, MMS, calendar events, Facebook messages etc.
- current weather and forecast
- analogue clock including a stop-watch
- random camera roll browsing
- shows time with seconds
- shows date with week

In addition to this it also integrates synthetic speech into all these features! This means that your precious iPhone can now actually speak out what time it is, what the weather is like, who just called or texted you and so forth (2G and 3G iPhones can only speak the time).

More information is available at: SwirlyScreen

See More Info below for Screenshots

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v2.1.6 - Corrections for iOS4.3
Updated April 13, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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