Compatible with iOS 10

SwitcherControls enhances your app switcher by bringing multi-center to iOS 10.

Multi-center merges app switcher and control center in a unique way. With a single action, you can access various control center sections which are now part of the app switcher.

SwitcherControls has the ability to customize the order of the sections so that you can get that perfect setup.

It is compatible with many control center tweaks like FlipControlCenter, Polus, Noctis, 3DSwitcher 2, Kaze and most other app switcher tweaks.

Developers take a look at SCTextSection for example section creation.

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- Fixed AirDrop's alert not displaying correctly when invoked from "AirPlay/Drop" section
- Small change to layout of media/devices pages
- Fixed default blur style displaying "Ultra Light" in preferences when it was actually using "Light" (so preferences now display "Light" as default value)
- Fixed all preferences not syncing with tweak when deleting preference plist file

- Added option to add 4th section to bottom sections (with it other options's ranges increased)
- Added option to use compact sliders (volume and brightness)
- Added option to disable devices page only

- Added option to disable media and devices pages (you can still go to them when their is now playing application if you enable media page on playing)
- Added NightShift and AirPlay/Drop sections (in addition to the section that has them all together)

- Fixed crashes to safemode when pressing home button when centered card is greater than ~6 while using 3DSwitcher 2
- Fixed user interaction issues with 3DSwitcher 2 cards/icons
Updated August 23, 2017
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