System Info adds a bunch of information about your device to your settings app's 'About' section(Setting > General > About). It also makes it possible to save SHSH2 on-device, without you having to enter any information. Just swipe left on the ECID cell and it'll give you the option

System Info

- Public IP
- Root partition capacity
- Rear camera serial number
- Front camera serial number
- Gyroscope model
- Accelerometer model
- Compass model
- Pressure sensor model
- ECID in hexadecimal
- Device identifier
- Hardware platform/BoardConfig
- Regulatory model number/A-number
- Battery capacity left
- Battery Serial number
- Battery cycle count
- Charger current(drawing)
- Charger specs (volts, amps, watts)
- Uptime
- Application processor name
- Kernel version
- iBoot version
- Wi-Fi firmware version
- Baseband chipset

Other features

- Tap on cells to get more detailed info
- Slide right(or left? idk) on ECID cell to save SHSH blobs
- Makes the device model cell copyable


- SHSH requests are sent to, which is handled by the Telegram bot, @rJailbreakBot
- Don't spam the SHSH functionality. You don't need to do it more than once. If you spam this feature, the server will blacklist your ECID. Also, apple will block the server and nobody will be able to save SHSH with it for a long time. They have done this in the past and it's horrible
- To retrieve your old SHSH2 files, you can check your Documents directory(/private/var/mobile/SHSH), use the URL and access your ECID's root directory or ask @rJailbreakBot on Telegram with the /myshsh <your-ecid> command
- You can also validate the files by sending them to the bot
- You can't set boot-nonce with this tweak yet. I'm still working on it

kill Settings app after install
send suggestions and bug reports
No options to configure.


- fixed an issue where ECID was wrong on iPads
Updated November 12, 2017
License Free Package
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