Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod on iOS 8.x.x and 9.x.x

"Talus" is a beautiful scroll view widget that allows you to control your device with ease. It offers multiple features that not only have useful functionality but also an appealing modern design.

• Please read instructions after installing •

• Talus contains 4 views which you can scroll through vertically (scroll up or down).
• Contains a power menu which allows you to respring, reboot, power off, enter safe mode, and turn on your flashlight anytime, with an aesthetic custom blurred alert view.
• Contains activator buttons (triangle, circle, square, diamond, octagon). You can assign any activator action to a button leaving you with limitless possible combinations to easily control your device - set your device free!
• Contains a minimalistic tiny player which allows you to control your music from anywhere! play/pause music, skip or go to previous song, and hold album art to go to current music playing app.
• Contains a sliders menu which has 3 sliders that adjust brightness, flashlight brightness, and volume level.
• Contains a search google bar that opens up your typed text into a custom web browser that allows you to go forward, go back, go home (google homepage), and open the current search in safari.
• Contains a notes button which opens up a draggable notepad so that you can take notes from anywhere without having to use an app. You can save your notes to the or share them via the share menu.
• Talus can be dragged around anywhere on the screen so that you can use it while doing anything on your iDevice without annoyance.
• Talus can be activated/hidden anytime and anywhere on your iDevice using activator or shown at all times if enabled.
• Talus can be hidden to the side at anytime by double tapping it.
• Talus can be rotated at any time with the rotation gesture (swipe fingers in opposite direction on talus).
• You have the choice of choosing dark, light, or ultra light blur to match your setup.
• In the preferences pane you can choose the default page for Talus meaning the first view that will show when activated or when the device is respringed/rebooted/etc.

- To request a feature please email me or contact me on Twitter @ImBrandDev
- Talus Icon designed by @FlareZephyr

- To request a feature please email me or contact me on Twitter @ImBrandDev
- Talus Icon designed by @FlareZephyr

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• Fixed the bug where Talus would show after user unlocks the device.
• Fixed Notes from not saving after a respring, reboot, etc.
• You can now backup notes from the notepad instead of the preferences (backup no longer required), just click the bottom left button in the notepad.
• More updates coming soon!
Updated August 15, 2016
License Commercial Package
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