What is TechSupport?

TechSupport is an iOS framework developed to assist in providing support for and receiving issue reports and feedback from users.

Reporting Bugs

This framework is open source. If you find a bug or have a feature request, please contact me or submit a patch via the project site.

(Tap "Developer's Page" below to visit the project site.)


Portions of TechSupport are based on CrashReporter.

CrashReporter was originally created by kennytm (https://github.com/kennytm).

It is now developed and maintained by Lance Fetters (https://github.com/ashikase)


Changes in version
  • FIX: iOS 9
    • As per Jay Freeman (saurik): "iOS 9 changed the 32-bit pagesize on 64-bit CPUs from 4096 bytes to 16384: all 32-bit binaries must now be compiled with -Wl,-segalign,4000.".
Changes in version 1.5.0
  • NEW: Can now pass a URL to set the content of the HTML viewer.
    • This allows for the use of external files, such as stylesheets.
Updated October 14, 2015
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