Requires iOS 4.0 or higher

Buyers of ToneFXs 1.0 (Lite) will be able to purchase this 2.0 version at the reduced price of $1.99

ToneFXs 2.0 lets you customize all the popular sounds on your iPhone. These include custom push notification alerts, custom email alerts, custom email alerts for specific contacts, custom text message alerts for specific numbers, custom calendar alerts and much more. In addition, you can also shuffle multiple tones for all the alerts. It supports using any of your existing ringtones and WinterBoard Theme tones. You can also create your own tones by visiting and downloading the free ToneFXsCreator.

ToneFXs requires an iPhone, iPod touch running on iOS 4.0+

  • Custom Push Notification Sounds
  • Custom Text Message alerts for specific contacts
  • Custom New Email alerts for specific contacts
  • ToneFXsCreator (now works independent of iTunes )
  • Improved arrangement of tones
  • Support for your existing ringtones
  • Support for iPad
  • Option for silent tones
  • New U.I.
  • New Tone Trigger engine
  • Custom Button tap sounds
  • Custom Open and Close App sounds
  • Custom Table Cell Tap sounds
  • Shuffle Push Notification Tones
  • Shuffle Text Message tones
  • Shuffle Email Tones

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More Information

    v 2.0.4
  • Conflict warning with biteSMS
  • Fixed issue of minor sound glitch when you decline a call
  • Minor silent switch fix
    v 2.0.3
  • Fixes issue where tones play even if hardware button is set to silent
Updated April 4, 2011
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Suggested Price $ 4.99
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