Translucency is a tweak that makes Cydia use a blurred version of your wallpaper as the background. The results are beautiful, adding that missing touch you've been looking for.

In the future, I aim to make this a system-wide tweak. Updates will come regularly.


- Wallpapers with lots of vibrant colors work extremely well.

- Dark wallpapers aren't an issue, as the background is translucent; the standard background is partially transparent, so the text remains readable.

- The install log's translucency is broken on iPad, due to rendering /above/ the rest of the app, layer-wise. I'm trying my best, but this may not be fix-able.

Configure options from Settings.

None of the options are enabled by default. This is to prevent lag on older devices.


Slight updates to how the preferences are worded. Fixed oversized icon. Made way internally for 1.2.
Updated December 1, 2017
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