Compatible with iOS 10.

Adds a stunning new look to your messages. Make your Messages app translucent and blurred so that you can see your wallpaper through it. A complete revamp of the Messages UI, based on whatever wallpaper you have set.

In addition to that, this tweak is fully compatible with DarkMessages, meaning that when that tweak is enabled, you will see a dark styled blur, both easy on the eyes and beautiful.

Configure options from Settings.

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- Make message send field white in light mode
- Fix back swiping so that it is easier to accomplish
- Make placeholder text colour translucent
- "To" field now matches navigation bar better
- Send button now retains its original colour in dark mode
- Better 3D Touch peek styling
- Setting to disable blur effect
- Prompt user when reduce transparency is enabled
- Fix conversation list background colour to match conversation view
- Add support for the GroupMe tweak
- Various bug fixes
Updated February 21, 2017
License Free Package
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