Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

Main function
- You can select and open YouTube URL in a third-party apps.
- You can open the YouTube URL from Flipswitch. In addition, you can save the list.
- The ability to release the Rotation lock When you launch the selected apps.

Description of settings
Enabled: enable the feature
Default Apps: to open at the selected app

Flipswitch Alert Disabled: Choose whether to display an alert when you press the Flipswitch
Notifications: Notify when you open the YouTube URL
Auto Rotation Unlock: When you launch the selected apps, to release the rotation lock

Saved URL List: Displays a list that was saved in the "Save the URL" of Flipswitch
Max Saved List: Set the upper limit in which to save the URL list

Background Playback: Enable background play in YouTube app
Restrict Ads: Limit the ad when you play the video in YouTube app
Always HD/HQ Video: You want to be able to select a high quality video even in mobile network

- To reflect the setting, please terminate the other apps.
- There are times when rare operation is slow when you select a video from the list.

Supported Apps
- Chrome
- FoxTube4
- FoxTube 4 HD
- YouTube
- ProTube (Cydia)
- ProTube2 (AppStore)
- ProTube HD (Cydia)

Configure options from Settings app.

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Support: YouTube v10.31.11670
(Default Playback Quality 60fps)
Support: iOS 8.4
Updated August 21, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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