Not compatible with iOS 6

Compatible with iOS 4 and 5

Display your iPhone/Pad/Pod on TV. Portrait and Landscape mode including Springboard mirrored, displaying anything you see on the screen of your iPhone, iPod or iPad on your TV or VGA monitor. Use the TVOutTuner application to position the view on the screen and enable/disable TV output. You'll need to remove the original TVOut package if you encounter problems.

This version gives you the option to redirect game output (applications written in OpenGL) to the TV screen only at full framerate for older devices! This is only enabled during "gaming" mode in case the game you want to play does not work. Any in app video can be redirected to the screen using "video" mode as before.

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** I've renamed "normal" mode, "mirror" mode in the TVOutTuner app as mirror mode is really a fallback for when the default "video" mode doesn't work. **

A fix for the problem of some movies playing sideways in "mirror" (a.k.a "normal") mode.

Removed the confusing application badge made obsolete by the SBSettings Toggle and introduced feedback of the current state of TVOut into the TVOutTuner application. The layout buttons now auto repeat after holding them down for a second. You can now also save up to 4 layout presets in landscape mode.

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Support for "New iPad". "Video mode" is no longer enabled by default
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