TWBEnhancerLite include a limited amount of features included in the full version of TWBEnhancer. for all available options and features consider purchasing [ TWBEnhancer ]

Universal Tweak which add the most wanted features and the first real enhancements to Tweetbot3, Tweetbot2 (from purchase history) and Tweetbot iPad Edition

Supports iOS7/iOS8
Supports iPhone/iPad
Languages (Arabic, English)


Direct Message Image (Activator)
add a addon which let you use activator event to send DM Image from anywhere

now with this feature you can edit your images using some (Rendarya's) tools before tweeting them

add a new bar button in Tweet page next to the original share button to make you able to share your tweet to (WhatsApp) or Read it (and more share options comes).

add ability to open links in choosen browser (Supports Safari-Chrome) for first release but check changelog every update i will add more

Special Thanks goes to
@Amhs221 and @mo0agz for there efforts on testing the first Tweetbot3 and Tweetbot2 enhancements.

1. Activation Methods ( choose an activator method to send DM image anywhere)
2. first switch enable core tweak function ( to connect with Twitter-Api)
3. Enable DM ( sending DM images within Tweetbot3 and Tweetbot2 app)
4. Enable Editor (edit your images before you tweets them)
4. Enable share (share your tweets to WhatsApp or Read it)
5 Change Browser (open links in choosen browser)

Configure options from

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- Added all the Paid version features. with some ads to test it before buying the paid version.
- removed Activator Support
- Improvements and cleaned the code
Updated February 21, 2015
License Free Package
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