Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10

Ever wish you could tell when someone else is typing an iMessage to you, or reading an iMessage you’ve sent, from where ever you are? With TypeStatus, now you can. The contact’s name will be shown on your device’s status bar, regardless of where you are in iOS. You can also use a simple status bar icon instead.

TypeStatus also allows you to enable or disable typing and read receipt notifications being sent to individual contacts. To access these settings, tap “Details” from your conversation in the Messages app.

Looking for more features, including support for more messaging apps, smartwatch integration, and Notification Center integration? Check out TypeStatus Plus!

For iOS 5 and 6, install TypeStatus 1 instead.


• Attempts to fix an issue causing alerts to get stuck in the status bar.
• Fixes an issue causing sending file alerts to sometimes not show the contact name.

Updates in version 2.3:

• Adds the ability to globally disable sending typing notifications. This is the default setting TypeStatus will use when you haven't explicitly configured this on a contact.
• Changes the recommended status bar support package to libstatus9 on iOS 9.1+.
• The issue causing a freeze when opening apps inside folders with Classic Folders installed has been fixed in Classic Folders 2.
• Updates various translations.
Updated June 2, 2017
License Free Package
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