Compatible with iOS 5 and 6
Also try TypeStatus 2 (iOS 7 - 9)

Ever wish you could tell when someone else is typing an iMessage to you or reading an iMessage you’ve sent from where ever you are? With TypeStatus, now you can. The contact’s name will be shown on your device’s status bar, regardless of where you are in iOS. You can also use a simple status bar icon instead of an overlay for typing notifications.

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• Improves code that adds the TypeStatus overlay to the status bar.
• Hides the lock screen notification center grabber when displaying an overlay.
• Allows installation when using efrederickson’s build of libstatusbar.
• Adds Finnish translations (thanks karranto!).
• Adds Dutch translations (thanks tmnlsthrn!).
• Fixes the positioning of the overlay icon when the Bold Text accessibility feature is enabled.
• Fixes a crash in AccessibilityUIServer when certain iOS accessibility features are enabled.
• Fixes a crash when a notification occurs while the status bar is hidden.
• Should fix issues with settings not being updated without a respring on iOS 6.
Terms and Conditions
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