***Tested on TikTok version 9.6.2 - 9.7***

- [x] Download Videos
- [x] Download User's Profile Image
- [x] LIVE enhancements (long Press screen for 1 second)
- [x] Type more than 50 characters in live streams
- [x] FOLLOWING page enhancements (long Press screen for 1 second)
- [x] Display all gift prizes in live streams
- [x] Show date created to each video in LIKED feed
- [x] Display all user's birthday and the date the account was made in user's profile view
- [x] View "private" or "under review" videos in LIKED feed.

Open sourced: on Github


- Ad banners were obscuring the views and were not working properly, therefore, were removed.

***Now works with the latest TikTok version 9.9.6***

- Fixed issue where the download button was missing for the latest TikTok Version

- Updated the download button image and animation

- Fixed issue where images/videos weren't downloading properly.

- Fixed small bugs
Updated February 9, 2019
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