Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11

Download almost any video stream or video file from many different apps with the Universal Video Downloader! This app will allow you to save video content from many different apps so you can watch it later, even without an Internet connection! Simply play a video you want to save and an alert will be shown asking if you would like to download the video.

In addition to many different App Store apps, this app is compatible with the native YouTube and Safari apps, as well as the new third-party YouTube app in the App Store.

If applicable, the app will allow you to download video content in different qualities and different languages (video streams only). You can filter the apps you would like to download videos from, and you can resume downloads where you left off in case you lose your Internet connection.

Please be aware that, while this app is compatible with a large number of other applications, there are two notable exceptions with respect to compatibility. First, the app is not currently able to download files specified in QuickTime reference movies (video files with embedded URLs). However, it WILL download most video streams, even though they have embedded URLs as well. Second, some third-party apps use custom video players and/or custom verification systems to restrict the accessibility of video content. Because of this, the app may not be able to download video content from some of these apps.

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- Hot fix for IOS 11+
- Removed support for armv7 and armv7s devices
Updated April 10, 2018
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