The only Ringtone App you will ever need!!!!

UnlimTones now lets you make custom ringtones and sms tones from your iPod-DRM FREE-music and puts them directly into your settings.

Everyone Loves Ringtones but paying upwards of $5 for a 30 second music clip is a drag. With this app you can download ringtones straight from into your ringtones folder so you no longer have to download ringtones separately through cydia or pay for them.

To Download Ringtones simply click on the Ringtone you want and click the Green Preview Button and the Ringtone will start to download.

If you want the SMS features, please install ffmpeg package from Cydia.

Video: How to Restore Your Ringtones

*Developers: you can use utones://query to search the UnlimTones database from your tweaks

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*Various Bug Fixes
*Please feel free to send suggestions to
Updated March 26, 2014
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