Requires iOS 5.x
Not compatible with iOS 6

After seeing Anton Kuding's brilliant "fold to unlock" design featured on the (a popular website for designers) front page I immediately contacted him to make his idea a reality. He agreed to work with me and what followed was a week of relentless work to perfect his vision.

Unlockize brings your lock screen into the 3rd dimension by folding it as you slide across. It's been throughly optimized to be fast and real-time.

Another unlocking effect is also included, called slice to unlock, where the screen is divided into 9 sections that get individually sliced from the side by the home screen. Also included: fade, blinds, checker

More unlocking effects are slated for the future.

Reach on Twitter:
@punksomething, @antonkudin

Configure options from Settings app.

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-Unlockize is now iPad compatible
-Capturing the screen has been optimized again, it is much faster now
-Added a new unlock effect. Paradigm is an effect that splits your screen into cubes that rotate.
-Option to start unlocking only from arrow
Updated February 5, 2013
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