Requires iOS 7

unlockr is a new stylish lock screen un-locker which uses a personalised pattern to unlock your device. unlockr has 4 sections in each corner of the screen (see screenshots) which when tapped in an order represents your unlock pattern. You can customise the number of taps in your pattern in the settings panel. You can also choose from two, iOS 7 styled colour schemes. unlockr is simply activated by tapping on the circular button on your lock screen. A counter is also added to the screen so you can see how many more taps is needed.

unlockr is not currently compatible with TouchID (for unlocking device) so please disable it before installing.

iOS 7 only

doesn't provide full security to iPhone lock screen, author does not take responsibility for events that may occur concerning security.

No options to configure.

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Fixed Bypass Bugs
Added option to hide counter
Updated January 18, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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