Requires iOS 4.2
Does NOT work on 4.3 or higher

This tweak lets you ignore updates in the App Store. You slide down the Updates' tableview to toggle editing mode, and then select them (see the Video Demo below)

This only blocks the current version of the update, if you block update v1.1 of an app, when v1.2 is released it will show up unblocked. So far there is no way to unblock.

Link for Screenshots is further below.

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    v 1.2
  • Re-added support for swiping updates to hide, as well as multiple selection by pulling the table down
    v 1.1
  • Added the ability to un-hide updates in the Settings app.
  • You can now select multiple updates at a time to hide.
  • Known Issues
  • Sometimes the app badge won't update to the correct number. I'm looking into it
Updated April 29, 2011
License Free Package
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