Velox for iOS 8

Velox 2 allows you to use, access, and interact with your applications, without ever having to leave your home screen. It has been redesigned and rewritten from the ground up from its' predecessor, while still maintaining the utmost quality and usability, keeping it as simple as possible to do what matters most: utilizing your applications with the raw efficiency any power user demands.

Velox 2 offers a variety of options to customize the look and feel of the program to blend in seamlessly with your device. Offering features such as customizing the gesture you use to invoke Velox, to allowing you to switch to a darker mode for easy night time viewing, it is clear to see how easy it will be to integrate Velox into your workflow.

Velox 2 comes with support for many apps built-in. If an app does not have its own specialized extension, you will be presented with an overview of your recent notifications from that app. Out of the box, you can:

• Get an overview of your weather forecast
• Quickly snap a picture
• Take a note
• Send a tweet
• Do a quick calculation
• Set an alarm
• Search the Internet
• Control your music
• Read the latest news
• See new Cydia releases
• Perform system actions
• Call your favorite contacts

...and much more!

Additionally, Velox provides a full-featured API which other developers can utilize to create their own Velox extensions for their, or your, favorite apps.

Velox is compatible with all devices running iOS 8. Velox is partially compatible with iOS 7 devices, use at your own risk.

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Remove beta views which were not intended to be in the release package

Rollback injector to fix strange random startup crash

Fix crash on invoking Velox on web bookmarks

Fix Clock crash when user does not have any alarms

DRM fixes

Preference specifier disappearing bug fix

Remove cartoon pirate for pirated users

Updated August 6, 2015
License Commercial Package
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