Requires iOS 4.0+, and iPhone

Vibrafications is a tweak that allows you to set custom vibration patterns to different alerts. You can set a custom pattern for individual contacts in mail or sms, or you can set a default pattern for mail and sms in general, and you can define custom patterns for push notifications, or a default one for all push notifications.

Patterns include things like vibrate three times for half a second each with a quarter second in between each vibration.

NEW: Since 20 you can now select custom ringtones per notification as well. This takes place of biteSMS and toneFx. All this in one package! :D

No new icons are added to your home screen. Options can be configured in your Settings app.

See More Info below for a Screenshot

More Information

    v 2.3
  • Bug fixes
  • Now you can touch any hardware button to get the device to stop ringing/stop vibrating
  • No longer interrupts ipod playback or phone calls
    v 2.2-4
  • Fixed the not actually playing all the vibrations with a custom ringtone bug - i apologize for this bug
Updated March 27, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 3.99
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