Compatible with iPhones on iOS 10

Vigor is a tweak that lets you have a peek of your apps' notifications and information.

Once installed a small button will appear in your CC (near brightness bar) with which you can enable or disable it. After having tapped on it apps' icons will scale down on the top left of the app itself.

There will be another CC page where you can manage Vigor for the various apps.

Vigor Labels - After tapping twice on the homescreen, supported apps will show information inside their labels.

Vigor API - It’s possible, for developers, to create and publish widgets for Vigor using the link inside the preferences. For who is interested please contact us via e-mail.

Vigor has a preferences' panel where you can:

• Enable/Disable it
• Disable the addition CC page
• Manage the Widgets
• Set a time for widgets' refresh
• Toggle for Dark Mode
• Ask for Support

For anything, shot an e-mail to

Thanks for your purchase!

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Updated August 18, 2017
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