Compatible with iOS 7

Important: No settings or App is Installed! Vmoji only works with English keyboard

(works with SOME other keyboards other then english though not guaranteed).

Once installed Press "123" on keyboard and then Press and hold ANY KEY!

Vmoji 7 Now Fully Compatible With ALL iOS 7 Devices.

Over 800+ Symbols

Press and hold ANY of the Keys to Activate Vmoji.

All New Features.

Create Designs in Text messages Using Unicode Combinations.

Now built As a Mobile Substrate Plugin, Running Smoother and Faster While Using Less Memory,

“1 Shot“, Keys Allow you to Send Pre made Messages with a Single Key Press!

Unicodes work on All Devices not just IOS devices!

Use Vmoji Along with Any other ManChild Technologies App!

Works on ALL system Wide Apps that have a Keyboard as well as Third Party Apps!

NEW: Added 64bit Support along with New Vmoji keys (Q through D)

Works on iPad as well as iPhone and iPod on iOS 7

See larger Screenshots below..

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Fixed Settings app crashing When adding Keyboard.

Added another 50 or so unicodes.

Z-M is now "1PRE-7PRE" Which can be set through settings as shortcuts.

This is Great for saving things you use all the time and a great way to customize the vmoji Experience
Updated February 10, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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