Compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Change your voice while in a call, live!

Another innovation for the iPhone! The first LIVE voice changer ever!

Now also works for telephony calls, FaceTime, Messenger, Viber, Skype , Tango, LINE, WhatsApp calls.

After my big success, Audio Recorder (Call Recording for iPhone), comes a voice changer tweak!

This awesome tweak changes your voice when you talk on the phone so that the other party hears your voice sounding like a Dark Lord, a smurf or..a chipmunk.

The audio process is being done live while you speak!

You can switch between normal speech or effect-altered speech live while you are in a call. New in-call UI allows you to change your voice pitch live, and even a slider has been added for manual pitch setting. The UI is customisable to appear at the top or bottom of the screen for your convenience.

You can also enable/disable the tweak while in a call.
There are 5 different preset voices, but you may also set a custom pitch yourself!

The best prank for your friends and family, they won't even recognise who they are speaking with!

A new era has arrived for iPhone tweaks that now allow to process the live audio data! Prepare for even more!

This tweak works on all iOS5 to iOS9 versions. It works fully on new iPhones (5 up to 6S), but for telephony calls on iPhone 4S it requires you to switch to speakerphone. VoIP calls work fine on 4-4S though.

Device Limitations: Works fully on all iPhone 5 up to 6S models.On iPhone 4, only works for VoIP calls. On iPhone 4S, it requires speakerphone for telephony calls, works fully on VoIP calls. 3GS or 3G are NOT supported.

Configure options from Settings.

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- Added support for Don't Stop The Party tweak
Updated May 3, 2017
License Commercial Package
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